1200 m2 view of Lake Bled

The project is the upgrading of the villa from the 19th century which is located in the beautiful mountains near Lake Bled. The project was made team of architects from the office "Ofis architects" from Slovenia.
Monika Galovic Dumendzic, architect
Published: October 24 2009

Upgrade and complete arrangements are completed 2004. and the total cost reached € 2.5 million. Villa and property are under a national architectural protection.

Request from investor was upgrade the existing villas, which would make the living room doubled as compared to the existing villas and the overall size of which would be provided a view of Lake Bled.

Upgrade extends part-storey building.

Entrance hall extends through three floors with spiral staircase communication. It defines the space, connecting the old with the new villa part also making communications inside the home.

All rooms of the house are connected with this part of the communication.

The appearance of the villa on the opposite side of the lake is misty and vague, and surrounded by hills. New built facade of the glass reflectes the lake.

The interior is dominated by wooden floors and ceiling coverings and large glass surfaces, which allow visual contact with the outer space.

Photographs: Tomaz Gregorič

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