AquaDom, the biggest rounded aquarium in the world

It is located in the lobby of the hotel Radisson SAS in Berlin. 25 meters high and filled with one million liters of seawater with 2600 live fish and a total of 56 different species inside.
Izabela Galovic Ninic, architect
Published: December 09 2009

AquaDom represents the largest aquarium of such a shape that has ever built. Hotel guests and visitors can "travel" in glass panoramic lift, enjoy in its interior and visit the restaurant at the top floor, under the glass roof.

Two divers are responsible for continuously maintainance of the aquarium and feeding the fishes.

Especially attractive accommodation presents a hundred rooms and suites that are organized so that they are open to view Aquadom-in.

This attraction is completed in late 2003, costs have reached a sum of 12.8 million euros.

Tube of acrylic glass is made by U.S. company Reynolds Polymer Technology. Outdoor Roller tank consists of four pieces, and the internal accommodation is provided in an elevator building in one piece.

AquaDom is the largest aquarium in the world of this type with a diameter of over 11 meters deep foundation is 9 meters.

Aquarium is a great attraction of the hotel and its accommodation in the entrance lobby makes it the most dominant interior point, which fascinates visitors with its beauty and dimension.

AquaDom provides additional atmosphere lighting effects, which are manifested by changing the color of light and enhancing the overall experience of space.

Reception is composed of several independent recepcion`s desks - satellites, and there are accommodated lounge areas.

Using clean lines, warm colors and modern technology, is characteristics of the interiors solutions.

Restaurant and wellness center features a modern design.

Rooms solutions are simple and clean using dark wood and a combination of Asian and Western contemporary details.

The hotel is situated on the banks of the River Spree, in the historical center of the new Berlin, and transmits a picture of Berlin as a city that is dynamic and aware on the issue of modern architecture and design solutions.

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