Canyon house

This house has grown from the field and allow its occupants to merge with nature and the environment. Synthesis is a complete and real, because the beauty of a sunset is felt as strongly as the lightning bolt that is in this region very common appearance.
Monika Galovic Dumendzic, architect
Published: December 09 2009

House was designed by a team of architects from the "Grunsfeld Shafer Architects" office and it is located in Little Cottonwood Canyon south of Salt Lake City, USA, and on steep terrain in the hilly environment. House features a deep profile, which conceals a mass of volume, thus respecting the surrounding terrain and featured as a counterweight to horizontality of the buried part.

The house consists of three parts: the Pavilion, Partner and box - and each highlights the characteristics of the terrain through its accommodation space on the plot. Autochthonous materials were used in this region, such as natural stone and cedar, to have expressed the natural beauty and contrast, built-in materials and construction of the modern age, such as steel and concrete. Mozaična glass brick, whose colors resemble the color of minerals, is used to enhance the aesthetic experience of space.

Pavilion`s part is defined by sculptural form of the roof, which hovers above the living room and several bedrooms that have a view on the grass, wild flowers, oak and wild life. Completely open living room offers a view of beautiful sunsets, also a lightning bolt, which is common here.

Parter represents the extension of interior in the form of outdoor space used for resting and enjoyment during summer and winter time. Wood, as well as covering this part of the house, amplifies a synthesis of the building and the environment in the overall experience.

Box represents a public and also a private part of the house, which includes a gym, bathroom, storage for ski equipment and a sauna.  Kitchen, dining room, a higher wardrobe, large bedroom and workroom are located on the lower level.

Play of volume and materials, static and dynamic, full and transparent, while respecting all the features of the natural environment, once again showed how harmonious and attractive can be a combination of architecture and pure nature.

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