Lost house - the house lost in space

Life in the big city is not always easy and pleasant one, but in any case an interesting task which the architect must do is to design a living space for familie with specific needs and habits.
Monika Galovic Dumendzic, architect
Published: December 06 2009

While ideal place surrounded by nature give the architect more freedom in creating the relationship between home and the environment, designing facility located in densely populated urban quarter becomes a real challenge and it allows him expression of all abilities and skills to create an atmosphere of specific human spatial relations. Designing such a space is almost an intimate act of the architect, because to get a good solution h must know and feel the lives of those whose living space translates into reality. The situation is more complex for individuals who use their living space for the business -professional purposes, and he must find the right measure between the private and public part.
Example of a Lost house shows just the right measure and creativity of the architect who made a sensation in very limited circumstances.

It was designed by very famous architect David Adjaye and it is one of the most important works of residential architecture today. It is located in the "heart" of London King's Cross with an easy access to the railway station and the new Eurostar terminal. Modest exterior visible from the street in no way indicates such a spectacular interior decoration design.

The center of the house, so-called reception room, is the space approximately 20 m long which includes kitchen, dining room and living room. Natural light is secured into the interior through three large glass walls of the two-orientated towards the yard, and one to water the garden.

On one side of large living room there is a cinema.

Also, there is located a guest bathroom and a large staircase to the large bedroom. Bedroom section with an indoor swimming pool is located on the upper floor.

Interior details have been carefully selected and very quality made. The house is oriented towards the interior and because of that preserve a maximum of privacy.

The lack of external window is replaced by the already mentioned glass walls and usage of the materials with reflective surfaces.

The current owners, the house area that is home reception room, use as a space for "catwalk fashion shows".

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