LUMENART - game of architecture and light

Lumenart House was conceived as a new attraction of the Pula City with its unusual architecture,"broken" recycled glass facade which had never been realized in Croatia and its magical lighting installations should be the best advertisement for the company, said Andrija Rusan, the architect of this fascinating object.
Izabela Galovic Ninic, architect
Published: December 03 2009

Simply, one have to notice this object. Noticing it, house magically draws you into its vicinity. It seems like sculpture art in the environment from which is growing. With its whiteness and sharpness, and in the same time completely unusual appearance, object gives the impression of carved stone made by the hands of top master. This game of architecture and light, which script was prepared by architect Andrija Rusan and Mr. Dean Skira, company owner and lights designer, are the top view of architecture and light synthesis.

The house is designed as a business space of the Lumenart company, specialized in the design and distribution of lighting systems and it demonstrates the technicality and creativity of the company.

Sales shop is located in the basement, project office on the ground floor, and showroom and education room are on the first floor.

The interior is minimalist and it is dominated by white colour with only small touch of red colour like in the logo of the company. Author of the interior design is a company owner himself, Dean Skira, and the atmosphere he created inside is made with numerous variations of light.

Partition fences are made by glass and with transparency effects he allowed the spread of light throughout the space.

The whole space is digitized, a visible technology exudes simplicity and elegance. Light effects are regulated using miniature dashboards.

Windows are different sizes and inserted in the broken facade they become a source of light too.
Unusual experience is that the object must get two permits - one for the house and the other for the facade.

The atmosphere around the facility is also fascinating. In surrounding area and on the house also ther are no visible lighting fixtures. At night, because of the lighting effects, it seems as if the object hovering two feet above the ground and come to doubt whether it is in its purity and beautyness real, or just stressed.

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