Maximum commotion - a five stars prison!

The prison is certainly last place where normal person want to spend a single night! However, despite this, many people, even prominent members of our society - doctors, lawyers, economists, politicians, violate the law. Fact of „going to jail with five stars“ would help many people to feel like they are going on "vacation" and help them to give themselves „in the hand of justice"!
Monika Galovic Dumendzic, architect
Published: December 13 2009

Prison like that actually exist! Placed in Austria, Leoben that is the work of the architect Josef Hohensinn which he was designe with the idea of "respect for the people". It representes the ultimate architectural structure, with its modern appearance that will not show what type of object actually is. The one thing we are sure, meeting with this object of desire causes man`s wish him to spend some time there, even if it is a prison!


The object was opened in 2004. Its transparency, through the glass walls, symbolizing the openness and freedom in contrast to its real purpose - the abolition of freedom! In this way, the architect managed to remove the standard associations to prison and unpleasant feelings that occur with isolation. Fantastic night scenes in which light from the object expands in all directions are amazing, and then symbolic. Enlightenment is the message that is sent to the prison environment on its occupants.


A two hundred of his tenants, prisoners, can really enjoy in this wonderful facility and amenities. It is declared as the most beautiful prison in the world, and in its magic one can enjoy for maximum 18 months period. Gym, two fitness center, outdoor sports courts, table tennis, arranged garden, multimedia hall, a library, rooms for socializing and entertainment, classrooms ... are some of the contents placed in the prison environment.

Visiting of prisoners is also regulated in a special way. Prisoners are allowed to get a visits for 24-hour a day from their family members or partners. In absolute intimate and separate areas they can talk and do all they want, without anybody`s presence and monitoring.

Prison room - Cell reflects the simplicity and minimalism, like in a way many people apply in the arrangement of their own home. Lit space, filled with geometric pieces of furniture, with details of red and blue, makes it a comfortable living environment for prisoners. TV set is the standard equipment of the rooms. A beautiful view through the glass wall to the green area surrounding the prison is more beautiful than many prisoners have at home.

The building interior solutions take care of the details, which are emphasized in design and color. Common communication are filled with furniture, grouped or individual elements, which emphasize shape and colors such as orange, pink or green. Abstract decorations of dried wicker emphasize that the awareness of modern design here is at a very high level.

Landscaping is highly emphasized in this complex. Game with organic curved lines that define the green zone for walking and recreation in the yard, look like a work of art. Synthesis of glass parts and green areas gives a special charm to the house and emphasizes transparency, through which the interior is merged with outer space.

Prison in Leoben is really fascinating! A few days in such an environment and conditions which is experienced by many people would really look like a vacation. No bosses, cell phones and everyday life stress with the maximum comfort for 0 € cost - this is what this jail offers!

Time is changing, people are changing, prisons are changing...

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