Moonlight House

The design of this family house, situated in a nature reserve, is a combination of modern and ambient style. Architect gave this name specifically because of the atmosphere and intensity of moonlight, which is felt inside the house in the clear nights.
Izabela Galovic Ninic, architect
Published: December 09 2009

The house is located in a mountain area with its size of 250 m2 and it was designed by the architect Giovanni D'Ambrosio. With its shape, the house imitates the natural elements that surround it - the rocks and mountain peaks.

The living room is bordered by large glass walls that provide excellent visual communication with the surrounding terrain. The house is integrated into the environment, becuse the mainly used building material is stone that comes from these areas. Wood, stone and metal are the dominant materials in the interior and exterior design.

Nature "gets" into the interior space forming their beauty throughout the year. In this way, the experience of interior and exterior combines and form a unique feeling and atmosphere.

The house is divided into two floors. Common used parts of household members, such as kitchen, dining room and living room are located on the ground floor. On the first floor are bedrooms, bathroom and spa.

The house`s look, which form comes from the landscape, provides good protection from rain and snow. Metal roof structure is a form adapted to the climatic conditions in this area. Its color is blended into the natural color of the environment.

During construction of the house, architect was particularly careful to preserve the existing plants and trees on the plot. And with this move an architect was noted the synthesis as well as respect for the natural reserve in which the house was. This is an excelent example how nature and modern architecture can successfully communicate and emphasize the mutual relations of its beauty.

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