Zen House

How the proces of designing a family house begin? Usually it is linked with the wishes expressed by investor's wishes about individual rooms displacement. That requirements are generally reduced to fulfilling "funcionality" as the primary demand, but not the only one which must be satisfied ...
Izabela Galovic Ninic, architect
Published: December 06 2009

Ideas of the living space organization will make your living in the future home more quality, and your architect will get a challenge in the future design. Great architects are not great just because of their ideas, but also because investors who gave them their confidence and allow their ideas become reality. Architect Bob Augustine got an interesting project assignment, where e had to link functionality, esthetics and the meaningful idea set by investor. We present you a house which completely fulfilled the required conditions and became more than just home ...

Investor wanted a house that expresses a synthesis of east and west, associated with nature, designed with clean and clear lines, and with materials that express beauty through all seasons and weather. The architect called it Zen house ...

Three cubes are organized around joint living space. Light, air and nature penetrate through the space between them. Clean and clear architectural concepts are embodied in the untouched nature. Eastern peace and spirituality in the synthesis with the rationalism of the West.

Architect is fully completed investor`s wish that the house looks attractive through all four seasons.

Color, and fasade materials are dominant, while at the same time integrated with the environment experiencing complete harmony.

Designing the interior, the architect has remained consistent investor`s desire and his idea. Colours and materials combination with glass rocks, nature has crept right into the interior making it "alive" and expressing it`s characteristics through all seasons. In this way, the house lives with nature, and nature living with the house, because it has become an integral part of the house.

Simplicity and elegance of materials and colors permeate the entire interior of the house, allowing nature to join and become an integral part of  life inside the house...

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