Abitare il tempo - Verona 2009. - Trend report

From 17-21.09.2009. in Verona was held International Furniture and ancillary equipment Fair «Abitare il tempo», which brought together top quality combined traditional, avant-garde, classical and contemporary categories linked together in perfect harmony. This year's exhibition showed the entire concept of living in 10 exhibition halls, the area of 100.000 m2, with participation of 720 exhibitors from 23 countries.
Izabela Galovic Ninic, architect
Published: December 13 2009

Product range was wide: furniture, upholstered furniture, kitchen, bathroom, lighting, textiles, carpets, curtains, household goods, kitchenware, decorations, decorative accessories, paintings, children's furniture, flooring, cladding, doors, staircases, handles.

There are two clear stylistic preferences: classics with purified, technologically advanced and details on the modern interpretation of retro and modern way of refined minimalism rich materials. The novelty is the introduction of the female character in the interior, through painting, sculpture or motifs integrated into the pieces of furniture. The leading character is Marilyn Monroe, but other female film characters from the period of transition 50`s to 60`s of the last century, highlighting the wealth of female curves and their sensuality. At the time of crisis and denial of women's material and her sensuality grow in the foreground. The colors are neutral and unobtrusive-black, white, brown, or black-white as temperament version (checked pattern), as opposed to imposing purple in a wide range of shades-from bright to dark plum color, which is present in detail or as a dominant color in the space. In the luxury presented version are gold, silver or copper color.

Dominated materials are wood, glass, metal and fabric, and lighting is still an important element in the formation of spatial effects. Lights have grown to sizes XXXL and absolutely dominate in the space. Table and selfstanding lamps are obligatory element in space, shades are emphasized but the whole form of balanced and unobtrusive, geometric. LED lighting is integrated in all types of elements-from the shelfs to curtains, from classical to modern styles.

The basic characteristics of a living room that is clean and clear lines. Classical commodes are refined and simplified drawing a clear association to modernity, while the modern lines enriched discrete details that give them the impression of visual richness and weight. Seated are geometrične sets, colored, neutral space. Tables are associated with the stylish dresser, and are derived from a combination of two or more materials, low and high dimensions.

The bedrooms still dominates the head of the bed or the wall area behind the bed. Head is often upholstered as a smooth surface or Chesterfield sample. Together with TV there are introduced elements of a living room in the form of additional shelves. Single chest of drawers in the area are often sculptural forms and functions but become highly decorative element in space. Placed in the living room, bedroom or porch that is enriched with comfortable armchairs, large mirrors and accent frame and art.

Carpets are textured, and large patterns or patchwork is still present.
The curtains are unobtrusive, often with a discreet silver reflections and smooth simply-abstract patterns.

Kitchens have experienced a new transformation and become more sculptural, hiding up its interior and stressing the monolithic bar-operating surfaces which are integrated sink and stove. Its purity and simplicity are lost in the kitchen area and are becoming a part of a residential unit with lacquered wooden or metal surface dominating. In contrast there are classical minimalism and rustic kitchen with a retro interpretation of the most modern equipment, creating the atmosphere of homes of our grandmothers and returning to the era of technological and energy relaxedness.

Bathrooms also offer a modern interpretation of classical and common to them that dominates the basin in space. In modern version it is sculptural and selfstanding and  in the classic version it is fine associated with the commode in the entrance area in which is sink integrated.

Floor and wall tiles are combined with colorful glass inserts that give the impression of exceptional refinement and wealth, and parquet inlays are present and combined with stone.

The fireplace become extremely trendy detail and heating bodies associated with its design and use the fireplace with new ecological fuel. Environmental awareness is presented and the products are often made from recycled wood in which the combination of the old material and new design creates an excellent visual effects.

The combination of architecture, design and industry once again proved that no crisis can not stop the flow of creative energy and entrepreneurship, but starts a new quality of life scenarios. Art is more than integrated with the design, demonstrating the complementarity of these worlds, and is another proof that the crisis coming and going, a real value survive.

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