International Interior Design Fair - Milano 2009. Trend report

International Furniture, Interior and lighting Fair in Milano was held from 22 - 27 April 2009. Even 2723 exhibitors from all over Europe, (911 companies are Italian), presented their design and products on a 230,000 m2 exhibits area. Over 300,000 visitors could enjoy the novelties in the furniture industry.
Monika Galovic Dumendzic, architect
Published: December 13 2009

And this year's International furniture fair in Milano left breathless most visitors, who could enjoy the latest design solutions of daily room, dining room, bedrooms, chairs, outdoor furniture, children's rooms, beds, garden furniture, luxury furniture and lighting. Unlike last year, there is failed a presentation of the latest trends in interior kitchen and bathroom, and we missed the view of trends that defined the spatial and aesthetic relations of all the rooms which formed a residential area. Everything else was very interesting with an emphasis on innovation, a wide variety of materials, styles and colors so that everyone, regardless of the wishes, needs and tastes, surely find appropriate solutions for themselves.

In comparison to last year's trends in living room decorating, you could note an important shift. Still the main element of a regal are shelves for books, but has evolved in its design and grown to an element that is reminiscent of the racks from the 80s of last century. The design is, of course, more modern - a minimalist, but the elements that constitute it are identical - open and closed shelves and cupboards. Built up to the full height ceiling and covers the entire surface of the wall. Prominent part of this composition is an element of accommodation for TV in a way that is done in another material or color and becomes mobile. In this way TV viewing angle can easily be adapted to any circumstance, or place seating. This element is treated the same way in cases where it is placed alone in space.

With greater use of natural wood and materials that imitate its natural structure, a transparent glass becomes absolutely dominant material for the living room. It appears as an integral part of the shelf, club chair, dresser, closet, etc. Dining room, which is usually connected to the area of residence, is also equipped with a glass table and a dresser with glass coating.

Color that absolutely dominates the interior is white and this year, and presence of gray is also noted. The effects are amplified in the space by adding elements of black, red, pink, magenta, yellow or green. Gloss and glitter of silver and gold held in the luxurious pieces of furniture, which in these performances, regardless of taste, look very impressive.

Sofas are made in flat geometric shapes or slightly curved. The emphasis is on comfort and convenience and some elements are moved to help them easily be transformed into comfortable deck chairs or beds for sleeping.

Dining rooms are furnished with wooden, plastic and fabric or leather chairs covered with various colors and shapes, and regularly appear and bench in modern angular designs and are especially practical solution for accommodation in flats with small dining room.

The bedroom is not used only for sleep but to stay inside and socialize. Beds are made with very pronounced head and cabinets with doors made of glass or coated fabric or leather. The larger bedrooms are replaced by open wardrobes, which is affiliated with them. In the same area are chairs, chests of drawers and small shelves  set for the TV.

In the arrangement of the rooms so far described are still seen baroque stylized details, with the required lighting lamps and large chandeliers.

Children's rooms are still cheerful, practical, and in playful colors, which are used in other areas in detail. As a motive for the cabinet surfaces appear comics characters.

Carpets are made of natural and artificial materials with pronounced texture, knots, threads or hair color is dominant moderate geometric motive.

A wide range of lighting fixtures is exposed at the fair, which show differences both in functional and decorative sense - from the pillars of public lighting, which are reminiscent of our grandmother to the ultra modern LED lighting, lighting fixtures with crystals and minimalist designed ceiling and wall lighting. As we noted interesting paper rocks are also the lighting fixtures.

Eagerly await the next fair and novelties that are always innovative in design and above all very interesting.

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