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Living room is certainly the most important part of the home, and the quality of its organization and design, increases the quality of living. It`s function is manifold: active rest, socializing, working and dining. Functional units are usually arranged depending on the habits and lifestyle of its users.
Monika Galovic Dumendzic, architect
Published: December 13 2009

In the larger houses and flats living room is usually separeted into diferent units: for rest, work, hobby, dining, and space is usually divided by barriers or furniture elements. Very often these functional units are joined into one space.

Position of the living room in an apartment or house should be located in a way that it provides a short link to the apartment`s entrance, link to the communication part and through it to other venues, to secure short connection to the kitchen, which can be achieved over the counter or anterooms, and communication with external and open areas such as loggias, balconies, terraces and gardens, providing good protection from the outside cold, noise, views and excessive insolation.

The best orientation for living room is south or southwest, while southeast side is slightly weaker, but still recommended. Space can be illuminated unilaterally or bilaterally, increasing its quality. Position and window size depends on the organization and design of the building, surrounding, etc. In any case, the size of glass parts should not be less than 0.25% of living room floor area.

Artificial lighting should be solved by the central and direct lighting, which allows the lighting of certain parts of space or surface. Indirect lighting set up is ideal to achieve a pleasant atmosphere. It is important to organize different types of lighting in the area, because their mutual combination can be changed depending on the needs of landscapes and mood, and space to give different space character. This is a simple way to improve the quality of the living room and make it more beautiful.

Before starting designing and decorating a living room, it is necessary to decide which functional groups should be formed. It depends on the habits and life needs of each individual or family. Place for an active rest is designed to bring together families and guests, but also for the individual`s rest. This part requires accommodation of seating furniture (sofa, armchairs, corner suite) and the club table. Additional elements such as cabinets lamps, racks for flowers or other decorative items and chests of drawers, cabinets and various forms of cabinets or racks of equipment are also part of this area.

It is necessary to observe that the space is not overburdened with furniture creating a feeling of congestion. On the market you can find the different dimensions of each individual piece of furniture, so it is necessary to adjust the furnture to the space dimension. Proper selection of furniture dimension will make small rooms spacious enough and living there will be more comfortable.

Correct position of the group for an active rest will provide a feeling of intimacy, open view to the outer surfaces, the possibility of a space expansion, a good relationship with the enter area of the house or flat, and good connectivity with other groups. The proper position of  lighting fixtures, and a good fireplace setup connected with the outside areas, especially if space is oriented toward the courtyard and garden will affect the sense of intimacy in the area.

One of the important factors for increasing the quality of the space is importing of the green in the area. This can be done in several ways: by placing the plants in the living room, large glass rocks completely transparent to the external green areas or upgrading of the winter garden.

The possibility of extending the group for an active vacation can be achieved by proper ratio and position of the dining room which provides its increased capacity.

TV receiver position should allow unobstructed viewing from all parts of the living room, especially from the group for an active rest. Distance from TV to the viewers should be at least 6-7 times larger than the size of the screen.

Group for dining consists of a table, chairs and a number of accompanying elements such as chests of drawers, cabinets. Tables and chairs can be placed in a niche (in this option you should pay attention to the dimensions of space and the selected elements, recommended width is 3.00 m) or independently in space. If there is a need for a dining room with a large number of places, it is desirable to put that in a separate room which is connected by door with a kitchen and living room.

Proper configuration of group for dining allows a short relationship with a kitchen which can be direct, or through anterooms, makes possible extension on the outer surface of the terrace, garden or balcony, good natural and artificial illumination.

Group for work should be set depending on your needs. Most often it is placed in niches or areas that are large enough to place desk, computer and shelves for books. The main requirements for proper installation of this group are the good brightness provision and the possibility of isolation.

Minimum recommended size of the living room is 16 m2. Larger size will allow more functional and better organized space with the possibility for placement of multiple functional groups.

Living room flooring can be very different. The best are wooden floors that can be combined with decorative rugs and leather blankets.

Decoration of the walls should be simple to maintain, but its design significantly affect the esthetics and expression of the space. Combination and usage of different materials or colors will make the space more dynamic. Choosing the correct colour can increase space making it bigger and wider. It is important that the surface which is to increase the dimension of space (eg, if the ceiling is to increase the space) to be brighter than others.

Various details, such as curtains, paintings, sculptures and other items will complete the atmosphere of the living room where you and your guests will be felt very comfortable.

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