How to Be Energy Efficient in College

In the era of global warming and excessive energy consumption, it’s important to be energy efficient. Spending resources, you will not only help save our planet but also save your budget. Keep on reading the post and grab some tips for students.

Take Care of Lighting

Doubtless, you need to turn off the light when you’re leaving. It’s the golden rule. If you always forgot to hit a switch, install a motion sensor that automatically turns off the light.
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Manage Temperature in Apartments

Most of their time, students spend out of their homes. Therefore, there is no need to maintain a comfortable temperature in an apartment. Install a thermostat and set it to keep low temperature when you’re in college or hang out with friends.

Unplug Electronics

A lot of students have a bad habit of leaving electronic devices plugged in all the time. The truth is that all your devices consume some power even if they’re turned off. Therefore, if you want to avoid the phantom charge by your devices, unplug your phone charger, air purifier, computer, when you don’t use them.

Replace a Showerhead

If you want to consume less water and save money on its heating, replace a showerhead with a more efficient one. There are a lot of showerheads on the market that provide a great experience and consume less water.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water

The improved formulas of modern laundry detergents can clean clothes great even in cold water. Therefore, there is no need to spend extra energy to wash your clothes in heated water.

Air Dry Clothes

For sure, it’s more convenient to get your clothes dried by a machine. However, if you want to be energy-efficient, do not hesitate to air dry your clothes.

Adjust Water Heater

If you’re using a boiler, adjust it according to a season. There is no need for a boiler to work on the maximum power in summer. Update the water heating temperature according to season and lower your electricity bills.
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Purchase Electronics Wisely

Every electronic device has a particular power consumption rating. Purchasing new devices or machines, always pay attention to their rating and choose the most efficient ones.

Heat Food in Microwave

If you need to heat some food, there is no need to use an oven or stove. Grab your meal and heat in less than two minutes by using a microwave.

Limit Air Conditioning Usage

Sometimes, it can be extremely stifling, especially on hot days. However, try not to use air conditioning 24/7 to become more energy efficient. Instead, open your windows after sunset or go doing your homework outside.
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Concluding Thoughts

There is nothing complicated about being energy efficient while studying at college. All that you need is to follow simple rules and consume energy wisely. All these will help save the planet and lower your utility bills.

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