Living Room - Design for Pleasure

Functional and attractive living room arrangement is a challenge for everyone. It is a process that requires proper answers to many questions in order to avoid the most common mistakes in interior space arrangement and unnecessary financial expenses, as their consequence.
Isabelle Gallow, architect
Monica Gallow, architect
Published: September 27 2010

For quality design, it is necessary to answer on the following questions:

- how to properly accommodate each group of living room?

- how to combine colors and materials?

- what type and form of sitting set to use?

- what type of  club table design in relation to other elements in the space to choose?

- how to connect elements of furniture and upholstered furniture?

- what type, color and matching of flooring to choose

- which type, color and size of carpet are the most suitable for the space?

- how to arrange decorations?

- how to choose curtains and decor?

- what is the best highlight for the living room?

These and many other questions are answered in the e-book LIVING ROOM - DESIGN FOR PLEASURE - The Complete Guide to Decorating a Living Room, through 18 thematic units with more than 170 color photographs on 102 pages .


In addition to basic knowledge about the proper arrangement that provides the e-book, you can arrange your living room on quality and financially rational way and learn how with details and little money connect the space, make it attractive and always interesting.


The Complete Guide to Decorating a Living Room

Monica Gallow, architect
i Isabelle Gallow, architect

ISBN: 978-953-56034-1-2
Publisher: Quadriforis Ltd.,
Published: 2010

PDF edition
Price: 19,90 € (delivery by e-mail address)
Payment: Credit cards

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